Raising Responsible Digital Citizens

Posted on 05. Aug, 2016 by .


Today, there are over 37 million kids ages 3-17 that have access to the internet in the U.S. This reality has been ushered in as internet-connected devices become more plentiful and affordable. While kids have easier access to the internet at home, they increasingly need to access it for school. It is therefore paramount that parents, teachers and communities work together to teach kids how to be good digital citizens so that they use the internet in safe, positive and productive ways.

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6 Things Parents Should Know About Pokémon Go

Posted on 12. Jul, 2016 by .


Last week, Nintendo launched Pokémon Go, a mobile gaming app based on its popular game franchise of the same name. The app is unique in that it requires players to move around in the real world in order to advance in the game and get rewards. It’s the first widely available and, as early reports have shown, wildly popular app that take advantage of augmented reality.

The news circuit has latched onto this craze and for the most part has focused on stories of people’s predictable lemming-like behavior, Nintendo’s stock price rise, and the dangers this new type of game presents. Here are 6 things parents should be aware of before letting kids download the app.

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3 Tips for Protecting Your Kids’ Privacy on Dubsmash and Musical.ly

Posted on 15. Apr, 2016 by .


One of the things I discovered last year was how many of them spoke up about music – discovering it, streaming it, and sharing it. Some of the favorite apps for music are Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, and YouTube. Teens spend an average of 4+ hours a day with music. That’s a lot of time doing something every day.

Beyond just listening, kids are now more deeply engaging with the music they love with apps like Musical.ly and Dubsmash. Here are 3 tips for helping your kids maintain privacy in a music-loving, music-sharing world.

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