You Asked: What do I do if someone posts my kids’ picture without asking?

Posted on 22. Mar, 2016 by .


As we visit schools and communities around the world, we are asked great questions that we feel are worth sharing for the benefit of all. We’ll post these in our “You Asked, We Answered” series.

This week’s question is: “Someone posted a picture on Facebook that had my kids in it, but never asked me. What should I do?”

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TechTrend: Why do kids care if we post pictures of them?

Posted on 18. Mar, 2016 by .


Each week in our TechTrend post, we’ll be discussing a current issue, app, news story, or other online trend that is worth some attention and discussion.

For this week’s TechTrend, we’re exploring the question: “Why do kids care if we post pictures of them?” In an article titled “Kids to Parents: Stop Sharing Pictures of Us on Social Media,” TIME recently explored this exact issue and noted that kids often feel embarrassed and frustrated by their parents publicly posting about them online without their permission.

It turns out, kids do care about their privacy…

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What Does the Internet Mean to You?

Posted on 09. Feb, 2016 by .


Today, we are celebrating Safer Internet Day along with many other organizations, teachers, and families, in over 100 countries. It’s the annual celebration when we bring attention to all matters related to making the Internet a safer and better place for ourselves and others, and it’s also a reminder that we still have lots of work to do. We have chosen to celebrate this day since 2010 with the launch of a very important campaign to us called “What’s Your Story?” It’s a video contest with a social media twist. It highlights the experiences of young people, whose voices we often exclude when we wrestle with how to raise a generation that is safe, responsible and thriving online. Each year we ask them for their stories, and each year they’ve answered in ways that enlighten us, entertain us, and inspire us.

In 2016, we have decided to ask a very simple question.

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