About Us

Trend Micro

Trend Micro was established 27 years ago and with more than 5,500 employee’s it is the largest independent cloud security company in the world. Our Message is simple when it comes to promoting online safety in community: Be Great at Being Online !  We educate our communities around the world, to be safe, responsible and successful online, encouraging everyone to embrace the online world. The internet and all things tech is a huge part of our future, it is here to stay and it is our responsibility as a community to embrace it.

Embracing the Digital World as a community

Being experts when it comes to online security; we are an extremely passionate bunch about our global Internet Safety for Kids and Families Programme (ISKF). Our highly trained employees around the world are our volunteers and they are committed to our ISKF cause. Already they have helped us reach over 1,000,000 parents, educators and students across the globe. Trend Micro collaborate with academia, law enforcement, industry and government around the world with key focus at all times on youth and community empowerment online. As an employer we also want to promote and encourage the benefits and possibilities of the internet and technology to young people; as it will be a big part of their future.

Our Internet Safety For Kids and Families Program (ISKF)

LynetteOwens_Trend_bw_editThe ISKF program was founded in 2008 by Lynette Owens, Global Director for Online Safety at Trend Micro. The program aims to raise awareness and provide education to parents, teachers, and youth on Internet safety issues. It is designed to achieve this through partnerships, volunteerism, grants and donations. The ISKF program is delivered free into our local communities by our Trend Micro volunteers around the world promoting safety, responsibility and success online for everyone.

Our ISKF Vision

We extend our corporate vision of creating a world safe for the exchange of digital information to the world’s youngest citizens

Our ISKF Mission

Help kids, families, and schools use technology safely, responsibly and successfully. It’s beyond safety. It’s about being great at being online.

Our ISKF Strategy –so, here’s how we do it !

EDUCATE  We promote online safety,  digital literacy and digital citizenship.

INNOVATE  Use our expertise, technology and resources when and where possible

COLLABORATE  Team with the experts for their knowledge and to raise awareness together

EMULATE Practice what we preach.  Lead by example.