2020 TMIE Virtual Cybersecurity Summit for University Students

2020 Trend Micro Initiative for Education (TMIE) Virtual Cybersecurity Summit for University Students

November 10th, 2020 (North America – English)
November 11th, 2020 (Latin America – Portugese and Spanish)


The TMIE Virtual Cybersecurity Summit for University Students is organized and sponsored by Trend Micro Initiative for Education – a community cybersecurity education outreach program.

Our goal is to initiate cybersecurity knowledge sharing and stimulate students’ interest in cybersecurity careers in collaboration with TMIE and leading universities.

The Summit coincides with the NIST NICE Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week.


College students, faculty members, and cybersecurity professionals (free)

Breakout Tracks

  1. Learning more about cybersecurity industry
    • CISO Round table (to explore cybersecurity journey)
    • Technology, virtual world, and the future of education
    • How to land jobs in IT/cybersecurity
  2. Career Opportunity Discovery
    • Resource shortage and wide range of jobs in high demand today
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in cybersecurity
    • Investor’s view on cybersecurity
  3. Information exchange and networking
    • Cybersecurity program sharing by universities
    • Networking Opportunities with cybersecurity students/faculties and professionals


Keynote Speakers

Marian Merritt
National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE)

Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D
President, The Gronstedt Group, Inc.


All Speakers

Alan Wong, PhD
Director, Silicon Valley Center for Global Studies, San Jose State University

Alyssa Miller
Application Security Advocate Snyk Ltd.

Amanda Veras
Sales Engineer, Trend Micro

Andre Alves
Cloud Security Architect, Trend Micro

Antonio Cano
Operations Partner, Trend Forward Capital

Boris Vasquez
Cybersecurity System Engineer, Trend Micro

Bruno Diniz
Chief Services and Operations Officer at Logical IT, Logical IT

Carlos Aguilar
Technical Specialist – Security & Compliance, Microsoft

Claudia Anania
CIO, Instituto Butantan

Daniel Eliot
Director of Education & Strategic Initiatives, National Cybersecurity Alliance

Daniel Mauser
Microsoft Global Black Belts, Microsoft

Ed Cabrera
Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Trend Micro

Elwyn Pryce
Volunteer, Trend Micro Initiative for Education

Eman El-Sheikh, Ph.D.
Director and Professor, Center for Cybersecurity, University of West Florida

Fernando Cardoso
Solution Architect, Trend Micro

Fernando Sampaio
Cyber Security Sr. Manager

Filipi Pires
Research and Cybersecurity Manager Zup Innovation

George Davis
Sales Engineer, Trend Micro

Gilmar Esteves
CISO Zup Innovations

Greg Young
Vice President of Cybersecurity, Trend Micro

Gregory Hall, PhD
Professor, University of West Florida

Hector Gomez
CISO Banco Azteca

Israel Becerril Sierra
Chief Information Security Architect, SAT

Jim Nelms
Chief Information Security Officer, LabCorp

Jon Clay
Director, Global Threat Communications, Trend Micro

Jonathan Javier
CEO/Founder, Wonsulting

Keegan Simzer
Associate, Trend Forward

Kristin Judge
CEO/President, Cybercrime Support Network

Lauren McKenna
Global HR Director, Trend Micro

Leandro Marques
Cyber Security Manager, ITAU

Leonardo Babun
Senior Cybersecurity Researcher – Adjunct Faculty, Florida International University

Longinus Timochenco
CISO & Director Corporate Governance, KaBuM!

Lucy Mari Tabuti, PhD
Creative and Education Director, Instituto Criativo and Universidade de São Paulo

Lydia Chan
Partnership Program Manager, San Jose State University

Malia Mason

Mauricio Zamorano
Cloud BDM, Trend Micro

Mayra Rosario Fuentes
Senior Researcher, Trend Micro

Mitchel Chang
VP, CSR and Education, Trend Micro

Natyelly Dieguez
Regional Comtroller for LatinAmerica, PPG Industries

Partha Panda
CEO & Co-Founder, Cysiv

Philipe Yoshio
Real Protect

Raul Aguilar Medina
CISO Grupo Farinter

Renata Oliveira
Sales Engineer, Trend Micro

Rhett Nieto
Jefe de Seguridad TI at FEMSA, FEMSA

Rick Gomez
Senior Advance Cloud Engineer, Microsoft

Selcuk Uluagac
Professor, Florida International University

Spark Tsao
Head of AI Lab of Coretech, Trend Micro

Tonia San Nicolas
Associate Professor, San Jose State University

Van Souza
Cyber Security Consultant, PwC

Will Markow
Managing Director – Human Capital Management and Emerging Technologies, Burning Glass Technologies

William Malik
VP of Infrastructure Technologies, Trend Micro

Ximena CIsternas
PostGrad Professor in Cybersecurity, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez



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