What’s Your Story? -Contest

A video and/poster contest that provokes thought and inspires us all to be GREAT online.

“What’s Your Story?” was founded by Lynette Owens of Trend Micro in 2008 and has grown year after year reaching new audiences all around the world. To date it has also reached Ireland, Australia, Japan and the Philippines and is launched annually by Trend Micro employee’s within each of those countries. It has reached hundreds of thousands of people of every age all around the world empowering and inspiring us all to be great online. Trend Micro Philippines will be officially launching their What’s WYSsquare_contestlogoyour Story? website shortly too !!

What’s Your Story? is designed to provide a platform for youth to have a voice in the global conversation about safe, responsible and successful technology use while showcasing and encouraging a positive use of social media.  Each year, young people are asked to answer a specific question about the internet in a creative form, such as video or image.  Entries are awarded prizes from Trend Micro, which vary in the different countries where the contest is hosted.


Check out the wonderful entries and our winners from around the world.

Share them on social or use them in class to provoke conversation about being online.

What's Your Story? USA & Canada
What’s Your Story? USA & Canada


What's Your Story? Ireland
What’s Your Story? Ireland

What's Your Story? Australia

What’s Your Story? Australia

What's Your Story? Japan
What’s Your Story? Japan


Thank you to our global community of supporters, students, educators and parents who have made What’s Your Story? a success.

Please continue to #Empower #Inspire #Educate others to be great online.